2017 Programme

An exciting programme to extend our skills is planned for this year.  We hope to provide something for everyone with each month offering classes in dyeing, felting, spinning and weaving.

We have begun with an excellent presentation by Pat Old on the selection of wool from a fleece. Christine Batten has instructed on wet felting to make fabric, on several levels. Cathy has begun a Crochet Along (CAL) project making delicate butterflies which can used as decoration or part of a larger project to extend crocheting skills.  We have also begun classes in brioche knitting.  The first stage seems quite simple when you get going but there are various ways to further the art as seen in the book Stephanie brought along today.

We look forward to a demonstration on plastic bag dyeing next week with Beverley Wing.  A list of requirements has been out to all members on email.

It is hoped that actual weaving will take place at the club, rather than just discussing problems between weavers.