A Day at the Club

This morning at the club we had the usual report of the committee meeting which happens on the first Monday in the month. There was some further elaboration of matters discussed and their outcomes to this point.  Notices were given and a report from Rene about the National festival in Christchurch which happened a week ago.  Rene brought her felted dresses to display to the club members. During this time members continued spinning, knitting and so on.

When the official part was concluded, Stephanie demonstrated frypan dyeing and those who wished had a try at this as well. Results are always interesting and not necessarily quite as expected, but some attractive skeins and variegated sliver is produced.

As this was happening, Rene was threading up a loom for next week’s introduction to weaving.  She happily talked to anyone interested and explained what she was doing.

Later the CAL or crochet-along group went off to start the next assignment, making amigurumi animals.  The previous CAL was about making mandalas and some lovely circular designs were made and stretched inside a hoop.

Other people were happily continuing with their crafts, looking over the items brought this week for display, browsing the stall and library and chatting together.